Simple Cooking

Class offers instruction in creating simple and economical meals. Lead by Dan McCleary.


Film Collective

The film collective is a student lead group that focuses on creating short films, collaborations, and they also shoot promotional videos for

Art Division.


Current Events

Students discuss current worldwide events with an emphasis on the United States. Students also have the opportunity to use drawing as a tool convey their feelings on certain topics.


College & Career Coaching

Our college and career coaching program is an individualized, holistic system designed to support each Art Division students in meeting professional, educational and personal goals.  Our college and career coach meets personally with each student to determine what they would like to accomplish, then helps set goals, problem-solve and, as needed, reach out for additional  help  within our  community if  specialized assistance is needed on a case by case basis.


Art History

Artist and Art Historian Dr. Fabian Cereijido conducts weekly lectures on art history. The course develops critical thinking, observation skills and  builds enthusiasm about history and art. Students learn to analyze works within their historical context, learn about the styles and relevance of art throughout history to expand and develop their ability to discuss  and write about Art History. The class also includes visits to museums

and galleries.


Figure Drawing

A figure drawing workshop focused on working from both male and female models with minimal instruction. Open to students, staff and

visiting artists.



Instructor Luis Serrano introduces the fundamentals of painting both in practice and philosophy. Students learn to organize a palette as well as clean brushes. Students explore a  variety of techniques. Advanced  students are able to work on their own projects. Guest artists are also  brought in to conduct workshops and demonstrations.



Taught by  artist  Javier  Carrillo, the workshop introduces students to the basic techniques of printmaking and explores the wide range of printmaking methods with rubber block, wood block and etchings. The printmaking class, focuses on both fundamentals of printmaking and advanced printmaking. The class has also offered workshops with Master Printmakers for example (Roger Herman, Xavier Fumat, Fernando Sandoval (from Oaxaca, Mexico) and more.  At the end of the class semester, students are expected to have two editions of linocuts and etching prints.


Beginning Filmmaking

Taught by Mylene Moreno, the workshop introduces students to the basic techniques of filmmaking. The class focuses on individual student projects. Films are studied and broken down, and sometime scenes are replicated in order to learn the storytelling process.



Within this photography class, students will create a compelling series of abstract, black and white photographs informed by the rich history of Mexican photography since post-revolutionary México. Students will develop a solid foundation of photographic techniques and approaches that will support their own focus and allow for their ability to extract personal photographic themes and narratives.


Career Building

Lead by Nick Arciero the workshop introduces students to learning basic portfolio building, business etiquette, and resume writing.


Music Theory

This workshop is taught by Matias Anaya. Participants learn the basics of music, including scales, composition, and playing their instrument(s). Aside from learning songs, artists have begun to workshop original compositions and collaborate on arrangements.

Community Outreach

We believe it is important for our students to get involved in their community .


We Learn. We Do. We Teach.

In 2014 and 2015 Art Division students and staff were invited to teach a week-long drawing and printmaking workshops at the Gadsden Arts Center in Quincy, Florida. The purpose of the workshops was for the Center to connect with  the Latino community. On both occasions, the students were very enthusiastic about learning the process of printmaking. The Gadsden experience also allowed our students to teach a skill they learned at Art Division to the kids in Florida. Through this experience, we realized that our students are perfect candidates to teach art in the

Hispanic community.


After the Gadsden workshops, it was decided that we could provide the same programming in our own community. With art being the first subject being cut from the public school systems, we realized that there are many children in our neighborhood that are not given  the opportunity to learn about art. In 2014, we partnered with Para Los Niños Gratts Primary Center, a charter school serving students in kindergarten and first grade. This school had no previous art program and also lacked an art classroom. We were able to build  a program using an existing outdoor space to create a “classroom” that was conducive to accommodating 25-40 students at a time. During the first phase, (semester one) two of our students taught a three month art class based on the Reggio Emilia Approach. One hundred forty students were able to explore different art forms taught by our students. Through increased funding, we are able to currently have four Art Division students teaching at Gratts. To date, 10 of our students have taught at Gratts.


Our students are  being trained at Art Division in various principles of teaching such as the Reggio Emilia theory, how to organize and create a syllabus, how to approach difficult situations, etc. The training workshops are being conducted by professionals in each field.


High School Summer Art Camp Click here for more information


In 2017, Art Division piloted a program targeting high school seniors. Workshops were held at Art Division during the summer months, and were taught by Art Division students and staff. The pilot was successful, and we are hoping that programs like these will lead to recruitment of new, young participants. In 2018 we plan to continue the program using only Art Division students as instructors.


Desert Workshops


Learn, Do, Teach is Art Division’s innovative program that first trains Art Division students in printmaking and then brings them into a community setting where they lead a workshop for children. The program is based on Art Division’s on-going printmaking class and provides advanced students with the opportunity to share their growing expertise with children who have limited exposure to arts education.


Art Division searches out opportunities for these workshops to take place outside of Los Angeles to broaden the students’ experience. In 2017, Art Division began holding printing workshops in Desert Hot Springs, and will conduct another in the Spring of 2018.


St. Anne's Outreach Program


Art Division will be piloting an outreach program at St. Anne’s whose mission is: Working together to build safe, nurturing and resilient families—from pregnancy to parenthood and childhood to adulthood—for generations to come. Art Division will provide art classes to the young women of St. Anne’s beginning in May, 2018.




For the past 6 years  Art Division  partners  with Skylight Theatre to prepare over 300 sack lunches  and  distribute them to the hungry in  the MacArthur Park area of Los Angeles. Funds are raised at our annual Alimento event at the Skylight Theatre providing funds for the food give-away.



Career Coaching

We have developed  an individualized program so that each of our students has access to:


  • an intake meeting to set college and career goals
  • ongoing coaching sessions as needed for advice and support
  • tutoring as needed
  • support in finding and applying for scholarships and financial aid
  • support in applying to summer enrichment programs
  • support in applying and interviewing for jobs

College Counseling

Our students have access to a certified college counselor to


  • Help in planning the necessary credits and classes
  • Help in transferring to a 4-year college
  • schedule college tours

La Cocina

La cocina  (the kitchen) is a small kitchen that our students have access to . Through the support of The United Way  we are able to provide healthy snacks and meals for our students giving them  the ability to concentrate during our programing.



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